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Who is Bible Ministries International?

How Our Ministry Operates

The three layers of support

# 3 Expansion

This is the Expansion layer that includes obtaining a headquarters, purchasing radio time, and hiring workers to lessen the workload and to help further our outreach.

#2 Outreach

This is the Outreach layer that includes having a store of funds for equipment, software, materials, advertising, music license, etc. that is used as a means to share the gospel.

#1 Foundation

This is the Foundation layer in which we are able to meet our monthly bills, which includes rent, utilities, food and any other basic needs.

Where we are at financially

This was during a time period where BMI's programming was being aired around the world via Family Radio (a ministry we are no longer affiliated with). As you can see from the first infographic below, we were able to cover the Foundation layer, as well as have a reserve of funds, for the Outreach layer; we also had a reserve for the Expansion layer allowing us to hire a few workers, an office building, as well as the opportunity to broadcast on the radio.
2013-2019 Present
Since 2013 and beyond, because of severing ties with Family Radio, due to doctrinal disagreements, we lost the ability to be heard around the world. We could no longer afford to hire our workers, and we no longer have an office building to work out of, so we lost the Expansion layer. We also, over time, lost more support, so we could no longer keep a reserve for the Outreach layer. Presently we are at the foundation layer, with a slight loss of support, having to pull from other means to stay afloat.
Overall, we know God is in control of our situation and ministry.  God is able to use us, whether by much or by little, so ultimately we pray that His perfect will be done.
The Cash App
The Cash App makes donating to BMI very easy. It's also a way to send your donations instantly.

1. Download the app on your phone or tablet. 2. Set up your bank information. 3. Send your donation to the "cash tag" in green letters below.

Please note the change in our cash tag below (it was previously $bibleministriesint)

Send to Cash Tag: $bmius
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Donate online through paypal.

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Chase Quick Pay
If you bank at Chase, you can send a donation by utilizing the Chase Quick Pay feature. Call us at 1-800-498-8505 and we will give you our routing number and back account number.

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Some individuals prefer to do online banking or make online bill payments. Your donation can also be sent this way, if this is convenient for you.

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